Spain is favourite destination of international tourists this summer

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Spain is favourite destination of international holidaymakers

Spain is the favourite destination of international tourists this summer. Market research agency Ipsos presented the data during a webinar.

The agency, together with the Spanish tourist board Turespaña and travel platform Mabrian, surveyed the holiday plans of residents of Spain, Germany, England, France and Italy.

As many as 25% of the international tourists indicated Spain as their favourite destination. This puts Spain in first place. Italy follows in second place with 15%. The survey also shows more than half the travellers say they will travel to Spain in 2021. They are mainly Italians (62%), followed by the French (51%), British (48%) and Germans (48%).

Longer stay

According to the Ipsos survey, tourists who come to Spain by plane will stay longer on average than in 2019. Germans spend the most time in Spain on average with a stay of 9.5 days, the English and Italians for 8.6 days on average and the French say they spend 8.4 days in Spain.

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Pandemic threat to air travel

Travelling abroad by plane still frightens travellers. The fear of infection is great, according to 74% of Germans, 72% of English, 69% of French, 65% of Spaniards and 62% of Italians. 

The Spanish are reluctant to fly. They postpone trips abroad until September (27%) and October (21%). They also indicate that in the summer months of July (32%), August (43%) and September (30%), they will mainly holiday in their own country. Six out of ten Spaniards say they will holiday in the coming months. Furthermore, seven out of ten say they will spend more or the same as before the pandemic.

Vaccination incentive for Spaniards

On the other hand, being vaccinated is an incentive to travel abroad. 13% of Spaniards say they will wait for the vaccine before going on holiday.

The pandemic is a determining factor in the choice of holiday destination for Spaniards. 43% of Spaniards surveyed say they will choose less crowded places. 40% will choose destinations which can be reached by car. Meanwhile 26% say it is very important  the Covid indicators are under control at the destination.

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