Spain hints at scrapping the 90-day rule

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90-day rule

France is about to lift this restriction next month, and Spain appears to be considering a similar move. The 90-day limit for Brits was discussed at the World Travel Market in London, and according to Mallorca Daily Bulletin, Spain may follow France’s move to scrap it.

Nearly a million Brits who own a second home in Spain are eagerly waiting to see if France proceeds with plans to lift the restriction. Earlier this month the senate voted to amend the country’s immigration legislation. The vote was a step towards granting British second home owners the automatic right to a long-stay visa, instead of being limited by the 90-day rule.

Given that only 60,000 Brits own a second home in France, Spain has a much stronger case. Rosana Morillo, Secretary of State for Tourism, noted data suggests the UK will remain the main issuing market next year.

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Important meeting

Additionally, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Jennifer Anderson, Director of Consular Affairs and Crisis. Here they discussed issues related to the stay of British tourists in Spain and collaboration projects for future seasons.

United Kingdom as a key market

The Spanish government has emphasised the significance of the United Kingdom as a key mature market for Spain’s tourism sector. It is anticipated that by the end of 2023, the levels of international arrivals from the UK will almost reach the pre-pandemic numbers of 2019. Furthermore, expected tourist spending should also surpass the figures of that year.

Negotiating an exception with the EU

Despite Spain’s commitment to the European Union, there is a growing debate about changing the 90-day rule for British tourists. Spain’s Tourism Minister, Hector Gomez, has expressed frustration over Spain’s current stance on the rule. Furthermore, he has suggested the possibility of negotiating an exception with the EU. However, he acknowledges that any change would require EU’s agreement.

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