Owners of second homes in Spain campaign against 90-day rule

by Lorraine Williamson
90-day rule for second homes

British property owners in the luxury Marina Alta area of the Alicante province have launched a campaign to extend the 90-day rule. As a result of BREXIT, Brits are now only permitted to spend a maximum of 90 days out of 180 days in Europe.

Fines of up to €2,500 could be issued if this rule is not adhered to. However, many residents claim this is unfair, and European travellers are able to spend up to six months in the UK.

90-day rule

Peter Wilkinson (one of the campaigning residents) spoke to Alicante Today. He said, “the 90-day rule is a problem for him, as he also has family in France”. Peter has been spending time at his home in Denia for the last 16 years. And, as he points out, “we pay out local taxes in Spain”.

“180 days in Spain!

But it is not just Peter. Many people are affected by the three-month limit. As such, a Facebook group called “180 days in Spain” has been set up. The aim of the group is to raise awareness and to campaign for 6-month flexible visits throughout the year. They also want visits to any other Schengen countries to be over and about the flexible 6 months. The group are also trying to lobby the Spanish and British governments into signing a bilateral agreement.

Wilkinson has also contacted the local mayor as well as Hugh Elliott, the British ambassador for Spain. The ambassador does not see a quick solution to the problem but has said the Embassy is working with both governments to address the issues of British residents in Spain

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