Ximo Puig proposes long term recovery plan in the face of PP electoral push

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Puig in Valencia parliament

The ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, spoke during a plenary session of the Valencian Parliament on September 27, 2021. He explained the political and economic measures for the year and the actions carried out to date.

During this plenary session, the Government of the Generalitat Valenciana has explained the political and economic measures for this year and summarized the actions carried out to date.

Battle over election dates

Timing of the next election is the main battle between the PP and the Bótanic headed by Puig. The PP yearns for the elections to be advanced, the Bótanic needs time to consolidate the economic recovery.

The PP is in a hurry, and has the entire electoral machinery revolutionised. “Call elections, press the button,” the popular trustee, María José Catalá, asked the president. “Go home,” she added.

Outside the Valencian Courts, Carlos Mazón, president of the Valencian PP insisted an election is what the majority wants.  He said “the Valencian Community” wants to change and if Puig is considering calling elections, “what we ask him is that it be now. The PPCV is prepared to govern and we want to initiate the change that the Community needs as soon as possible,” he added.

The PP’s hypothesis

The PP has an hypothesis: the Botànic is an exhausted, fractured project, subjected to serious internal tensions and the Valencian Community needs a political change capable of revitalizing post-pandemic society.

But this was not the scenario that Ximo Puig presented. The president presented an ambitious recovery plan that will take time to execute. It involves more than 21,000 million euros that won’t arrive until 2027 from EU and State funds.

Puig’s party designed the plan to promote the green economy and the protection of the environment. It also involves the digitisation of the productive fabric and the revitalisation of the labour market.

Puig not in a hurry

Ximo Puig made it clear he is not in a hurry. He wants a minimum period to observe the effects of an economic recovery that is already underway.

The deadlines of the PP and Ximo Puig are very different. This time difference will determine the Valencian political story. The PP intend to increase the forcefulness of its opposition. On the other hand, Ximo Puig will need the support of his partners Compromís and Unides Podem to have the time that he demands.

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