Spain and Morocco say they will end diplomatic crisis

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Spain and Morocco diplomatic crisis over

The Spanish government thanked the King of Morocco for declaring the diplomatic crisis with Spain as over. Prime Minister Sánchez said with pleasure that Spain and the EU have always regarded Morocco as an ally.

King Mohamed VI announced on Friday he would enter a new phase together with Spain. Sánchez responded with the words “we are allies, neighbours and brothers of each other”. He also said he hopes for a future collaboration that is “based on trust and respect”.

Visit to Torrejón de Ardoz military base with EU delegation

The Prime Minister responded to the Moroccan king’s speech during his visit to the temporary reception camp for the repatriates from Afghanistan at the military base in Torrejón de Ardoz. Sánchez visited this base together with the President of the European Council Charles Michel and the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

High conflict

The diplomatic crisis between Spain and Morocco escalated last spring after Brahim Gali, leader of Frente Polisario, received medical care in a Spanish hospital. Frente Polisario struggle for statehood in Western Sahara claimed by Morocco. The Moroccan government found it unacceptable it had not been informed about Gali’s hospitalisation. The situation was further exacerbated when Morocco opened its borders last May, allowing more than 9,000 migrants to reach Spanish territory.

The Ceuta court is currently investigating what to do with the deportation of nine minor migrants. Earlier this month, the Interior Ministry ordered the repatriation of 45 young migrants, without these young people having any say. The judge then decided to temporarily freeze the deportation to Morocco.

The planned repatriation would have already indicated a reconciliation between Morocco and Spain and a possible agreement between the two countries on the return of the migrants.

Working on a solid relationship

Commenting on Morocco’s assistance, Sánchez said: “We can now build a solid relationship based on trust, respect and mutual cooperation. Every crisis also brings opportunities and now we have an important opportunity to re-establish ties with Morocco.”

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