Solar energy parks in Spain appear to be a paradise for protected species

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MADRID – With the right measures, the areas where solar energy parks are located can turn into true biodiversity reserves. The limited human activity in those areas leads to a revival and recovery of flora and fauna.

In line with this conclusion, in the context of the World Day of Nature Conservation on October 18, the Spanish Photovoltaic Union reveals the presence of eight protected or vulnerable species within solar energy projects throughout Spain.

Biodiversity reserves

In some of the solar parks studied, human activity has been limited for almost thirty years. This leads to natural revival and recovery of flora and fauna. The sighting of these eight species confirms this, said José Donoso, general director of the Spanish Photovoltaic Union.

Eight protected species identified

The species identified within solar projects belong to the categories “protected” or “vulnerable” according to the Catalogue of Endangered Species of Spain, issued by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenges. It’s about:

  • Curlew, vulnerable species
  • Little Bustard, protected species
  • Black stork, vulnerable species
  • Montagu’s harrier, vulnerable species
  • Red Kite, protected species
  • Ortega sandgrouse, vulnerable species
  • Iberian Lynx, protected species
  • Cabrera field mouse, protected species

Environmentally friendly approach to solar energy

The presence of these species can be attributed to the fact that land-based solar projects do not use pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, which protects biodiversity and does not pollute nearby waters.

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“Once their lifespan is over, photovoltaic projects are completely reversible and have no negative impact on the country where they were located. On the contrary, these are lands that remain fallow for thirty years. This explains the presence of these protected species,” Donoso explains.

Call for sustainability

In the context of the Day for the Protection of Nature, the Spanish Photovoltaic Union calls on its members to apply for the quality mark for excellence in sustainability. This quality mark recognises and promotes good practices in the photovoltaic sector and contributes to the acceleration of the energy transition in Spain.


To highlight the importance of solar energy as a crucial force for the decarbonisation of the Spanish electricity system, the Spanish Photovoltaic Union is launching the awareness campaign #EnergíaSolarPorLaNaturaleza, which will run until November 1, 2023. This campaign will highlight the environmental benefits of land-based solar energy projects to the attention of the public.

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