Sharing the road: A collective responsibility for safe driving

by Lorraine Williamson
sharing the road campaign

In its latest campaign, the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) is emphasising the collective responsibility associated with road safety. It reminds drivers that they are not alone on the road despite perceptions to the contrary.

The campaign, titled “Sharing the Road,” features various drivers behind the wheel, singing along to the familiar tune of “Sola otra vez” (Alone Again), while driving as if they were the sole occupants of the road. However, the campaign quickly reveals the stark contrast between this illusion of solitude and the bustling reality of traffic.

Scheduled to run until April 12th, the campaign will be disseminated across television, radio, print media, digital platforms, social media, cinema, and outdoor advertising spaces. It aims to debunk the misconception that driving is solely an individual act. Many drivers believe their own skills are sufficient to navigate safely and that others are the primary instigators of hazardous situations. However, road safety is a collective responsibility.

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Sola otra vez – Alone Again

The central message of the campaign, “driving is sharing,” underscores the idea that each driver is part of both the problem and the solution. Using a gentle tone and leveraging the popular song “Sola otra vez,” made famous by Celine Dion, the campaign depicts drivers singing and driving as if they were alone on the road.

Through the campaign’s visual storytelling, viewers witness how the driver’s perceived solitude clashes with the reality of shared road space, encountering conflicts with other vehicles, pedestrians, and users of personal mobility devices.

The campaign comprises various audiovisual pieces, including 45-second, 30-second, and 20-second spots for television, cinema, and social media. Additionally, radio commercials, outdoor advertisements, and print media pieces have been crafted, along with short-form content tailored for social media platforms. Furthermore, an interactive webpage has been developed, allowing users to engage with the campaign’s central concept of “you are not alone” by experiencing a dual perspective video: one from the driver’s subjective viewpoint accompanied by the campaign’s music, and another revealing the broader perspective of the road environment, including pedestrians, other vehicles, and mobility device users. The campaign is in Spanish, but the visual impact is the same in any language!

By promoting the idea of collective responsibility and shared road usage, the DGT’s campaign aims to foster safer driving habits and reduce accidents on Spain’s roads.

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