Sexual abuse of a minor trial to begin against Granada businessman

by Lorraine Williamson
sexual abuse

MALAGA – On April 19 at 10.00 am, the trial will begin at the Provincial Court of Malaga against Tomás Olivo. The owner of the Nevada Centre in Granada is alleged to have touched a girl while she slept. This is said to have occurred during a flight from Madrid to Málaga. The minor was under 13 years of age at the time of the alleged incident.

Olivo faces three years in prison if convicted.

According to Granada Hoy, the defendant was a passenger on a flight between Madrid and Málaga on September 5, 2019. During the flight, he is alleged to have changed seats and sat in the same row as the minor who was travelling alone.

Sexual abuse

The prosecutor accuses Olivo of allegedly putting his hand under the girl’s pants. The girl, then seemingly woke up, and confronted the defendant about his inappropriate behaviour. Subsequently, she asked a member of the flight staff to change her to a different seat.

As reported by Granada Hoy, the prosecutor considers that the facts constitute a crime of sexual abuse and that there have been no modifying circumstances of criminal responsibility.

Restraining order

Furthermore, in addition to the prison sentence, the public prosecution requests a restraining order be put in place. This would mean the defendant would be unable to approach the minor within 500 metres. This would include her home and place of study. Additionally, he would not be allowed to communicate with her in any way for at least 5 years.


In its provisional document, the public ministry requests that in addition to the sentence, he pays €2,000 in compensation to the minor for the moral damages caused to her.

The case must be heard

The sources consulted stressed to news agency, Efe that the prosecutor’s conclusions are provisional as all parties must be heard, and all evidence considered.

Tomás Olivo was previously tried in Granada for crimes against the planning of the territory during the construction of the Nevada Centre.

According to Forbes magazine, in 2019 Olivo was the 7th richest man in Spain.

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