Severe weather with torrential rains hit Spain’s east coast

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torrential rain and flooding

Extreme thunderstorms and torrential rains have battered the Valencia region, particularly its northern part, throughout the first half of Monday. The Spanish weather service AEMET has issued an orange alert (significant risk) for storms, heavy rainfall, and possible hail.

Torrential downpour in Nàquera

In Nàquera, nearly 70 litres per square metre of rain were recorded this morning in less than an hour. The heavy rains turned streets into rivers, as reported by Juanjo Villena, meteorologist and editor-in-chief of Meteored. In Bétera, 44.8 litres per square metre were recorded in just one hour, with 36.4 litres in Atzeneta del Maestrat and 33.2 litres in Lucena del Cid.

“Very adverse situation”

AEMET had already warned that the situation from the early morning of July 1 would be “very adverse” in the province of Valencia, especially along the northern coastline and in Castelló. An orange alert has been issued in these areas due to the risk of severe storms and rainfall, with more than 40 litres per square metre expected to fall within an hour. For the rest of the province of Valencia, a yellow alert (moderate risk) is in effect, with expected rainfall exceeding 20 litres per square metre in an hour. These warnings remain active until 3.00 pm along the coast and until 8.00 pm in the interior of the province.

Flooding in Valencia city

The city of Valencia is also experiencing heavy rains. Streets have flooded, causing traffic issues on top of the usual morning rush hour congestion. Valencia’s local police are urging drivers to be cautious, as the rain, while not prolonged, will be very intense. This means large amounts of water could fall in a short time, leading to dangerous conditions. The municipality has closed parks and gardens to prevent potential hazards.

Given these circumstances, the police recommend caution while driving and advise avoiding flood-prone areas. If travel is necessary, checking weather updates from AEMET and road conditions from the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) is advised.

Summer weather incoming

Starting mid-week, meteorologists expect summer weather to prevail in the northern and eastern parts of Spain. From July 3, temperatures across the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands are forecasted to rise. Only Catalonia and the Balearic Islands might see slight temperature drops. Regions like the upper Ebro area and southern Spain, particularly inland Andalucia and Extremadura, could see maximum temperatures between 35 and 40ºC.

Tropical nights are also predicted, with temperatures along both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts remaining well above 20ºC. This heatwave is expected to last until Saturday, except in some parts of the Cantabrian Sea and the northern Canary Islands. By the end of the week, some areas in the northern half of Spain may experience rain, though without the intensity of recent weeks.

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