Rain and hail in Valencia region says Spanish weather agency

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rain and hail

After the rain showers that started on Monday afternoon, the storms continued on Tuesday in the Comunidad Valenciana. The Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (Aemet) has now lowered the initially orange warning for rain and storms to a yellow warning (risk). This will remain in force all day today from 11.30 am in the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón.

Aemet predicts variable cloudiness for Wednesday, which will increase to heavily cloud during the day. Showers and storms are expected. Locally they will be strong and will probably be accompanied by hail in the second half of the day, especially inland. The minimum temperatures will drop slightly and in Alicante the maximum temperatures will also drop slightly. On the central coast they will increase slightly and in the rest of the region the temperature will change little. Winds will be light and variable, with a predominant easterly component in the afternoon and moderate intervals along the coast.

Forecasts for Thursday and Friday

On Thursday, June 13, the yellow warnings will disappear and the rain showers should stop. However, some showers are still possible in the southern third or the northern interior in the afternoon. There will be low clouds in the southern part in the morning. Temperatures will change little, except inland where maximum temperatures will rise. Winds remain light and variable, shifting to the east and southeast in the afternoon, with isolated intervals on the central coast.

No rain is expected on Friday, June 14. It will be partly cloudy or clear, with some mid and high clouds inland in the afternoon. In the morning there may be low clouds and fog banks inland from Valencia and Alicante. Temperatures will rise, except in the southern third where maximum temperatures will remain the same or decrease slightly. Winds will be light from the south and east, with moderate intervals on the coast in the afternoon.


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