Police uncover an illegal workshop with 3D printed weapons

by Lorraine Williamson
3D printed weapons

MADRID – Spain’s Policía Nacional encounters an illegal workshop where 3D weapons are printed. The police made this discovery on the Spanish island of Tenerife. In addition to these weapons, the police also found real weapons and documentation about terrorism and racism from WWII. 

The police made the find in a workshop in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the Spainish island of the same name, the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia wrote. Here, the Spanish police also found real pistols, electric shock guns, knives and various documentation and manuals.

Weapons and Documentation on Terrorism and Racism 

This documentation included manuals with instructions for printing parts for explosives. The police also found racist texts with the symbol of the German army during the Second World War. For now, the Policía Nacional has only arrested the owner of the property on suspicion of violating gun laws.

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3D printed weapons are just as dangerous as the real ones 

This is the first time that the police in Spain have encountered a location where 3D weapons are printed. While these weapons may seem harmless at first, this is far from the case. In 2019, for example, a terrorist attack was committed on a Jewish synagogue in Germany. 3D printed weapons in addition to other weapons and explosives were used in this attack.

Possession, purchase, sale and use of 3D printed weapons are subject to the same gun ban in Spain. Replicas of weapons also fall under this legislation.

Confidentiality by order of the Spanish court 

Last Sunday, the Spanish police reported this news to the public. The discovery of the workplace and the investigation that followed has been kept secret for months by order of the judge. The Spanish police discovered the workshop for the 3D weapons on September 14 2020.

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