Fourth corona wave probably “a little one”

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain not expecting large fourth corona wave

MADRID – “The fourth corona wave in Spain is probably a small one.” These are the words of epidemiologist Fernando Simón. Simón is hopeful that the number of infections will stabilise.  But he calls on the measures to continue to be observed, even after the state of alarm. 

Fernando Simón, epidemiologist and director of the corona crisis centre in Spain, drew these conclusions. Despite the fact that the travel ban between Spanish regions was lifted. And people gathered during Semana Santa, an extreme spike in new infections remain unseen, the Spanish news channel RTVE wrote Monday evening.

Number of positive people is stabilising in Spain 

According to the latest figures, published by the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, about 8,500 people are still testing positive every day. This has been the average of the past 7 days, and has shown as stabilising over the past few days. The incidence (average number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants over 14 days) remains stuck at 224 as of Monday.

Hospital admissions will stabilise within two weeks 

Although the number of people testing positive is stabilising, this curve is not yet reflected by hospital admission figures. This line is still rising. In the past week, an average of 800 people were admitted to hospital every day. Nevertheless, the first signs of change always start with the number of infections. Furthermore, as that number is stabilising, the same trend should be reflected in hospital admissions. And as a result, this should follow in around one or two weeks.

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Compliments to Spaniards 

Simón mainly compliments the Spaniards who have adhered to all measures during Semana Santa. “Thanks to them, the expectted fourth wave is only a small one.” Despite this hopeful message, Simón warned the end of the state of alarm, (still scheduled for May 9) does not mean it is the end of all measures. “People must continue to adhere to the rules that will apply after May 9 to prevent infections.”

Almost 20% of Spaniards have received the first vaccine 

According to Simón, the goal must remain to continue vaccinating as quickly as possible. The effect of vaccination can already be seen in the number of infections among the elderly and the declining mortality rates in nursing homes.

Although Spain also has to wait for the verdict of the European Medicines Agency on the Janssen vaccine, almost 20% (9,441,685 people) of Spaniards have had the first dose. 7.2% (3,411,914 people) of Spaniards have now been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

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