Police give talk to elderly regarding safety and Cyber Security

by Lorraine Williamson
safety and security

CADIZ – Policia Nacional gave a talk on general safety and Cyber Security to the elderly in La Linea. They informed about the main threats, risks, and precautions that can be taken. This included information on mistreatment, theft, and fraud.

They also talked the risks and precautions that should be taken when using the internet. The elderly are a specific risk group and therefore require different attention. The police understand this, and their need to be aware of certain potential threats and how to deal with them should an incident occur. Not only that, but often the elderly are more isolated. They do not meet colleagues at work, and sometimes live alone. Furthermore, this increases their vulnerability.

Security Plan

As reported by Europasur.es, it is for this reason, the Greater Security Plan was created, regulated by Instruction 1/2014 of the Secretary of State for Security, dated January 2, 2014, to give continuity to the Greater Security Plan and aimed at prevention and improvement of the security of our elders which, together with the email participa@policia.es and the hashtag #paratuMAYORseguridad, as well as the Citizen Security App for mobile devices Alertcops channel citizen demands in relation to all those safety issues that may affect older people.

Reporting crimes

These talks attempt to build the confidence of older people with the police and other security services. But furthermore, it is important for the development of proactive behaviours in reporting the situations and crimes of which they may be victims.

As Tweeted by the Policia Nacional, “Call us whenever you need us, regardless of the time, place or reason on 091”.


Interpol have also launched a new campaign to help raise awareness of Cyber Security. The campaign is called #YouMayBeNext and it runs until June 17.

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