Have you downloaded the AlertCops App to your mobile phone?

by Lorraine Williamson
AlertCops App

The AlertCops App has many functions and is being updated all the time. If you find yourself witnessing, or in an emergency situation, your position is sent to the nearest police forces, and will be immediately attended.

Recently, the Guardia Civil conducted tests with guide dogs to make rescue operations faster and more efficient, even when there is no signal coverage.

The App is free and provides a direct channel with the police to enable you as a witness or victim to communicate a criminal act or situation of risk such as attacks, robberies, cases of gender violence, illegal occupation of houses or animal abuse, and more.

With the App you can send messages from your mobile to @policia and @guardiacivil. It has, among other functions, a button to alert the #ViolenciaDeGenero for gender violence. You can download it free from GooglePlay/AppleStore.

But the App doesn´t just help people. The Guardia Civil via a location and a video through the App were able to locate and rescue a roe deer that was trapped in a water channel in Villarrubia de Santiago in Toledo.

Furthermore, there is an option to phone or to message via chat.


Theft, Robbery, Assault

This allows you to send photos or video directly. You can advise whether it is you that has been targeted or if it is other people, and to describe what happened. There are separate options, for aggression or fights, sexual assaults and gender violence. They all follow a similar process as for Theft, robbery or assault.

Deaf People

There is a button to help deaf people communicate a situation.

Hate Crimes

This allows any user of the App to report cases of physical or verbal discrimination of which they have been a victim or witness. Among the hate crimes that can be reported, those motivated by racism, LGTBIQ + phobia, religion or beliefs, disability, ideology, disease, and antisemitism, stand out.

How can I report a hate crime?

It is advisable to provide as much information as may be relevant. This would typically include clothing of the alleged perpetrator, symbols, tattoos, or anagrams. Also, if there is any witness who witnessed the event.


Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of those affected by squatters. This button on the App can be used by owners of the property, neighbours or any other person who detects a case of squatting

As with the other alerts in the App, you can also attach photos or videos about the situation.

The alerts will then be sent to the police station that is closest.

Stop radicalisms

There is an icon button for this where you can send images or videos and call or text.

Animal cruelty

This button will allow any user to inform Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil of this type of event discreetly and immediately.

You can press the “animal abuse” icon if you witness any such acts, and if the abuse is taking place at the time. You can choose whether to communicate the alert by call or by chat. As with previous icons, you can also attach photos or videos.

Cogesa Expats

The alerts will be sent to the closest police centre where the corresponding action protocol will be activated.

Lost, missing

With this icon, you can alert the police as to someone who is lost or missing.


Here, you can advise if you or anyone else is being bullied

Vandalism, damage

If you are a victim of or see property vandalised or damaged, you can use this App to report the location and details.

More …

In addition to the main icon buttons mentioned above, there are a number of other functions available on the App.  If you click on the “more three dots”, you will find more information.

There is an area for you to complete your profile information. You can set the level and frequency of security alerts you receive. You can also receive news and updates of situations to be aware of, or security/weather warnings.

For example, if you are considering doing the #CaminodeSantiago the App advises you in the news section, that you can use it with the #guardian function.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions section as well as a user guide, mandatory Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

But also in this section, you will find the SOS button.

SOS button

This allows you to send an immediate notice to your guardians with your location and a 10-second audio. This offers reinforced protection for vulnerable groups such as victims of gender violence and healthcare personnel. It instantly alerts the nearest police forces for urgent attention.

To use this button, you have to press this button repeatedly 5 times in less than 6 seconds. This can all be done without accessing the app if you make this button accessible on the home screen of your mobile phone.


There is a map function which locates your device and shows you where you are on a map.

Guardians and wards

Whenever you want, you may share your location with whoever you want up to a maximum of 5 people. This is especially important in the case of an emergency, as the rescue will be faster and more accurate.

Your guardian or guardians can also feature their location on your map. You can also be the guardian of others. They would be your wards.

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