Police check correct use and control of jet-skis and other recreational boats

by Lorraine Williamson
jet-skis speeding

MALAGA – The beaches of Malaga have been busy all summer. This includes bathers, divers, those with jet-skis and recreational boats, as well as other water sports activities. However, as with anything, when there are more people, there is more chance of accident or nuisance.

Therefore, the local police of Malaga, the Guardia Civil maritime service, and Malaga Maritime Captaincy have joined efforts to protect the integrity of bathers to ensure users of jet-skis and pleasure boats are compliant with the regulations in bathing areas, slipways and in their access to beaches.

Operation “Amaya Device”

According to the local police of Malaga, since 2019, they have been making an important effort to keep order and control on the pleasure boats that make use of the existing slipways on the city’s beaches. This is part of operation “Amaya Device”, which is still valid today.

Last year, a pilot campaign was launched aimed at responding to situations that may endanger bathers, water sports activities, and other users of boats due to the inappropriate use mainly of jet-skis and floating devices.


Officers have binoculars and cameras with telephoto lenses and use portable radars to check the speed of jet skis and boats. Furthermore, they carry breathalysers to conduct tests on the drivers.

The police are in permanent contact by phone, with the Guardia Civil Maritime Service, which has agents at sea on board patrol boats. Furthermore, the Local Police also have plain clothes officers on land. This is to identify and notify their uniformed colleagues of any boats or jet-skis seen to violate the regulations.

Common infringements include;

  • speeding
  • being over the permitted alcohol limit
  • lacking, not presenting, or having expired documentation
  • anchoring in bathing area
  • invasion by navigation in bathing areas
  • not using an approved life jacket
  • carrying more people than the jet-ski is licensed for
  • activities not allowed in the nautical channel
  • anchoring on the shore to celebrate parties on board or while users make use of leisure establishments located near the beach
  • not collaborating in the inspection work of the agents

The beaches are for everyone to enjoy.

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