Parents forced boy to traffic drugs

by Lorraine Williamson
traffic drugs

ALICANTE – An official Tweet by the Policia Nacional informed that the parents of a 16-year-old boy were arrested in Alicante after forcing him to traffic drugs to the place where he was studying.

The National Police have arrested the parents of a minor for forcing him to traffic drugs. They made him take drugs to sell to others where he was studying.

Forced to traffic drugs

It was the young man himself who turned up at the National Police Station. Moreover, he arrived with samples of the drugs that his parents forced him to take to the study centre.


Consequently, the family home was searched. At the property, the police found two pistols, 147 ammunition cartridges, two Tasers, and several balaclavas. These were hidden in a modified butane cylinder. Furthermore, 2.16 kilos of marijuana in buds, 118.95 grams of hashish, and anabolic substances were also found.

Threatened and abused

The 16-year-old minor was constantly threatened and physically abused by his parents if he refused to traffic the drugs.

The Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil are constantly fighting the battle against drug trafficking and violent crimes. Therefore, if you need any information on domestic violence or violence of any other kind, or if you wish to report any matters, contact the National police. Furthermore, information given will not be considered a formal complaint.

If you need to file a complaint or require personalised assistance, please go to your nearest police station.

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