Outrage over “premium sunbeds” pricing at popular Mallorca beach

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Cala Major Beach premium

The summer season is just around the corner, and some have already taken the opportunity to get a head start on their vacations. One of the favourite destinations for tourists is Mallorca, the Balearic island known for its stunning beaches.

However, the new “premium sunbeds” service at Cala Major beach, one of Palma’s most beloved beaches, has sparked outrage among tourists and residents. According to the British newsoutlet Express, each luxury sunbed costs a staggering €70 per person per day.

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High price, low perks

The indignation is not solely due to the high price but also the lack of included amenities. The premium service only comes with an umbrella and does not include any additional comforts. “Not even a complimentary drink,” the Express reports.

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Local backlash

The backlash hasn’t just come from tourists. Local residents, who are used to enjoying the beach, have also expressed their frustration. The standard sunbed service is not cheap either, priced at €25 per day.

Too many sunbeds leave no space for residents

There have also been complaints about the increased area allocated to sunbeds. However, the Palma de Mallorca City Council denies that the number of sunbed installations on the beach has increased. “Residents are frustrated because they feel that the expansion of sunbed areas encroaches on the free beach space they normally enjoy,” said Més per Palma. Locals prefer to lie  on their own towels or chairs. This organisation denounced “the lack of responsible planning by Mayor Martínez’s government in managing the concessions of sunbeds and umbrellas on the municipality’s beaches, especially at Cala Major.” 

Ensure non-commercial use of beaches

Cala Major is a beach traditionally accessible and frequented by citizens of Palma. However, it has been affected by the massive placement of sunbeds and umbrellas. Més per Palma says “we cannot subject the entire beach to private and tourist business. Finally, Més per Palma called for measures to ensure “non-commercial use of the beaches and to act to preserve them in the face of climate change.”

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