Chaos in the plane: Ryanair flight delayed due to onboard assault in Málaga

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A Ryanair flight bound for Stockholm faced an unexpected delay at Málaga Airport after two young male passengers allegedly made an assault on a flight attendant.

The altercation forced the pilot to call for immediate intervention from the Guardia Civil, resulting in the flight’s departure being delayed by an hour.

Assault and arrest

The incident occurred on a flight scheduled to depart from Málaga’s Costa del Sol terminal at 1.05 pm but eventually took off around 2.00 pm. Eyewitnesses told SER Málaga that the two passengers, for reasons still unknown, attacked the crew member. The pilot, witnessing the chaos, quickly notified Málaga’s control tower, which then alerted the authorities.

Guardia Civil steps in

Officers from the Guardia Civil, stationed at the airport, rushed to the scene and boarded the plane. They swiftly detained the two young men responsible for the disturbance.

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Ryanair’s statement

Ryanair confirmed the incident, stating, “Local authorities removed the two disruptive passengers from the aircraft before it departed for Stockholm. The flight proceeded normally after the delay and is expected to land at 6.35 pm, instead of the scheduled 5.20 pm.”

Legal action taken

Sources close to the investigation revealed that the aircraft’s captain has filed a formal complaint regarding the incident. However, specific details of the complaint have not been disclosed.

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