One of first Spanish trans men gives birth

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One of Spain’s first trans men gives birth. His baby arrived on 1st May. 27-year-old Rubén Castro from Madrid, gained fame via Instagram. He made a documentary about pregnant trans men.

Rubén Castro from Madrid is one of the first trans men in Spain to fall pregnant. For clarity, the definition of a trans man: a person assigned female at birth, later transitioning to a man. Ruben posted his first photo as one of Spain’s first pregnant men on his Instagram account on September 9, 2020. The account shows his journey to parenthood.

Awareness and normalisation of pregnant trans men

Rubén Castro uses this platform to raise awareness of trans men and their possible desire to have children. “The intention is to normalise this,” Rubén wrote. Not only is Rubén Castro one of the first men in Spain to get pregnant, he is also the first in Spain to make a documentary about pregnant men like him.

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Other choices due to the desire to have children

At a young age, Rubén felt he had been born in the wrong body and opted for a transition to become a man. During his transition, he consciously chose not to have his female genitals, uterus and breasts removed because of his deeply cherished desire to have children. Not only did he want to be pregnant with his child himself, but he also wanted to be able to breastfeed his child.

Baby Luar born

This wish came true on 1st May with the birth of baby Luar. Although Rubén gave birth to a daughter, he deliberately chose not write about the child’s gender when announcing the birth on Instagram. Castro wants to be known as an example for inclusion and diversity; and he wants to raise his baby in this way.

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