Nothing new on the driving license negotiations this week

by Lorraine Williamson
driving license nothing new to report

Once again, there is nothing new to report on the progress of the driving license exchange negotiations.

Today´s “update” came from the official Consulate & Embassy Facebook page. It reiterrated that negotiations remain a top priority for the teams. And, furthermore, they are continuing to work hard to get to a conclusion as quickly as possible. However, in the meantime, it seems that there is nothing really new to report on the driving license exchange talks.

Progress on annexes

Publicly it appeared as if there had been no progress or change over the last couple of weeks. This was especially due to the absense of any update whatsoever last week. However, the official notification advised that there has in fact been further progress made on the annexes. Together with the UK Government Department for Transport, seemingly they are waiting for the Spanish authorities to respond on some points that remain outstanding.

Cogesa Expats

Once more, we are advised that as soon as there is anything further to report, we will be informed.

As the weeks have turned into months, this does not help those that are experiencing difficulties due to not being able to drive legally. Consequently, the advise for those who are in a vulnerable position due to the situation, should call the consular team on 917 146 300. However, there are many comments on social media, that people are simply disregarding this advice and continuing to drive.

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