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no update to driving license talks

Unfortunately, there has been no update on the driving license situation this week as there has been no communication whatsoever from the Embassy.

Initially, Hugh Elliot, the British Ambassador to Spain and Andorra gave weekly updates on the progress. He also assured Brits that during the month of August negotiations would continue. He said it was a top priority to get Expats back on the road as quickly as possible.

Little or no update

However, the last update Tweeted by Elliot was July 15. Since then, he has Tweeted very little on any subject!

Following the July 15 update, the week later, the update was produced in the form of answers to commonly asked questions. This was given on Facebook by the official Consulate and Embassy page, Brits in Spain.

Cogesa Expats

On the same Facebook page, the July 29 information was also in the form of questions and ansers. At this point, they said that they had sought assurances that negotiations would continue throughout August. And, furthermore, that on the UK side, they had a full negotiating team available. Spain had also confirmed that they could continue negotiations over August. However, there have been no Tweets from Elliot regarding this issue since July 15.

No real update of August so far

Moving into August, the first update came from Minister Karl McCartney, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Transport (the UK Government Department leading on driving license negotiations). He sought to provide a message of reassurance. Instead, however, he seemed confused about the negotiations at that time, and an update was issued to his message. This said, the “updated version is to make clear that the Agreement is finalised and we are now working on the annexes”.

The last update was given on August 12, where it was simply advising people to look back at previous posts for the common questions and answers. It also mentioned that they have continued to work with the Spanish Government to settle the SMALL number of outstanding points in the annexes. They also reconfirmed there was a still a full team working on these points.

No information this week

Updates are usually given on the Friday of each week. So far, there has been no update whatsover. This was expected on August 19. However, if this changes, we will bring you the latest information.

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