Another week, and still no driving license exchange agreement reached

by Lorraine Williamson
driving license exchange agreement

MADRID – As the weeks move forward, and we continue to receive weekly updates from Hugh Elliott, the British Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, it seems we are still not much closer to reaching an agreement on the exchange of driving licenses from British to Spanish.

In today´s update (Friday) Hugh Elliott continued to emphasise that everyone is working very hard towards reaching an agreement on the exchange of driving licenses from British to Spanish. However, although he says it remains a top priority for everyone, there is still no conclusion. Furthermore, there is still no guarantee of a date when people can get back on the road.

Refining the text

This week, they have been refining the text of the agreement with the Spanish, and working through some legal clarifications. This is necessary before the whole agreement can go to the final legal and political approvals. However, Elliott does understand and sympathise that this is taking somewhat longer than hoped. He stated, “creating an international treaty is complex”.

Cogesa Expats

Key documents

Elliott then went on to say that some key documents were received from Spain today. And that more were expected by early next week. However, he was unable to go into all the details of the negotiations. But, he did reiterrate that this was indeed, good news! Furthermore, it is another step in the right direction.

However, he was still unable to give an exact date on when the agreement will actually be reached. Although he did emphasise that it would happen.

Once again, Hugh Elliott did state that he understood the difficulties many were experiencing especially now that the weather is much hotter. Therefore, he urged those affected to look for local support options that might be available. Moreover, for those in very vulnerable positions, he stongly encourages them to contact the local consulate. Details of which can be found on the official UK government website.


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