Drinking red wine can help lower blood pressure

by Lorraine Williamson
red wine to help lower BP

We all know the expression, “everything in moderation”. But a study has found, a few glasses of red wine a week can actually help lower blood pressure.

A higher intake of foods rich in flavonoids – including berries, apples, and red wine – has been linked to lower blood pressure. This was found to be the case in analysis by Queen’s University in Belfast and Kiel University in Germany.

Researchers found that drinking around three glasses of red wine per week was optimal. While eating 80gs of berries a day was also found to be beneficial.

Gut health

The study focused on how microbes in the gut break down flavonoids found in those foods and drinks. As a result, there is a drop in blood pressure.

Cogesa Expats

“Our gut microbiome plays a key role in metabolising flavonoids to enhance their cardioprotective effects. And this study provides evidence to suggest these blood-pressure-lowering effects are achievable with simple changes to the daily diet,” said lead investigator Professor Aedin Cassidy.

The analysis involved more than 900 participants in Germany.

Flavonoids in red wine

Previous research has shown flavonoids can improve heart health, but researchers said this was the first time their connection to lower blood pressure has been explained.

The study’s results have been published in Hypertension, an American Heart Association journal.

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