Mysterious disappearance of American woman in Madrid

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American woman - Ana Maria

On the evening of February 2, Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, a 40-year-old American woman of Colombian descent, disappeared under mysterious circumstances from her home in the chic Salamanca district of Madrid.

On the day she went missing, she had gone to view a house to settle permanently in Madrid. Her lease expired in March and she needed a place to stay long-term. That evening, during the telephone conversation from bed, she told her friend that she did not like the property she had visited and that she would continue looking. They also talked about the plans they had for a trip to Barcelona the following week. The conversation ended around 9.30 pm. At 11.30 pm, another friend sent Ana Maria a message, which appears to have been read, but was never replied to. The next day, two people receive a message from her phone, which is said to have been written by Ana Maria herself, but seems unbelievable.

A complex divorce

Ana Maria was in the middle of a complicated divorce from her Serbian husband. This David Knezevich is the co-founder of three successful technology companies in Florida. The divorce, which initially seemed amicable, subsequently went wrong due to disagreements over the division of their considerable assets. Ana Maria’s health suffered from the stress of the negotiations. She suffered from anxiety attacks and was prescribed antidepressants. Hoping for new beginnings and peace, she moved to Madrid.

Suspicious circumstances

The day after her disappearance, suspicious messages are sent from Ana Maria’s phone. They suggest that she has met a new love and will spend a few days with him. Friends and family are shocked; this behaviour does not match the Ana María they know. Additionally, neighbours recall that the night of her disappearance, a man disabled the building’s security cameras.

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No trace of forced entry

When police gained access to Ana María’s apartment, they found it empty and with no signs of forced entry. Personal belongings seemed to be missing, and her phone no longer had a signal. Her family, who live in Miami, and friends remain hopeful but are very concerned for her well-being.

International cooperation

The Spanish police are working closely with the FBI on the investigation into Ana María’s disappearance. Her family has sought legal assistance from SOS Desaparecidos. This Spanish organisation for missing persons offers psychological support and legal advice. Meanwhile, David Knezevich insists he had nothing to do with the case. He also claims to have been in Serbia since Ana Maria’s disappearance and says he is willing to fully cooperate with the investigation.

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