Port de Valldemossa, beautiful coastal village in Mallorca

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port de valldemosa

The road to the tiny Mallorcan village of Port de Valldemossa certainly gets the adrenaline pumping, but what you find at the end is more than worth the knocking kneecaps. After six kilometres of zigzagging, hairpin bends and waiting on the side for an oncoming car to pass, you get your reward.

We spotted it several times, far below us. The roofs of a small village close to the blue waters of the Mediterranean, surrounded by spectacular cliffs cascading into the sea. In August, it is quite busy, but it still feels like stepping back in time. To the right of the large parking lot in the village is a pebble beach with a beautiful view towards the tip of the famous rock Sa Foradada off the coast of Deí.

After a visit to the fairly touristic and bustling Valldemossa itself, with endless shops and boutiques that tempt you to spend money, it is now time for a dive. We decide to leave the beach on the right and head towards the picturesque harbour.

Swimming in the port

Small boats are moored here and the people on board – as it turns out later – enjoy lunch in restaurant Es Port with idyllic views of the beach. Judging by the number of swimmers, the harbour is a popular swimming pool. There are even two flights of stairs at the end of the pier for easy climbing in and out of the water.

The water is so clear we can see exactly where it is deep or shallow. Large round stones covered with moss, shells and other aquatic plants feel soft on our feet. Next time we will bring our snorkelling equipment! There is plenty to see, as evidenced by the happy cries of people who were smart enough to bring theirs.

Sierra de Tramuntana

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In the Valle de Sa Marina, where Port de Valldemossa is located, are incredibly scenic and beautiful walks. Mountain climbers come here to practice on the steep cliffs. When it has rained, the waterfalls of Rei de Teules are a fantastic sight.

Valldemossa is located in the Sierra de Tramuntana, the beautiful mountain range that covers the entire northwest coast of Mallorca. The area has such important scenic and cultural significance, UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site (nature) in 2011.

How to Get There

You reach Port de Valldemossa by taking the MA-10 in Valldemossa towards Deíà and Banyalbufar, then the MA-1131 to Port de Valldemossa. The road is narrow but offers plenty of space to wait for oncoming vehicles. Drive slowly and sound the horn at blind bends to alert any oncoming traffic. You can park at the bottom of the harbour, and along the road when you enter the village. The drive from Valldemossa to Port de Valldemossa takes about 20 minutes.


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