Most assets of Russian oligarchs’ in Spain concentrated in Catalonia

by Lorraine Williamson
Russian oligarchs assets - Guardia Civil YouTube

BARCELONA – Most of the assets of the Russian oligarchs in Spain are concentrated in Catalonia. Just in the province of Girona alone, there are 14 houses and 2 yachts registered. 

Intelligent services found other assets in the provinces of Alicante, Malaga, and the Balearic Islands. In total, according to El País, who had access to data from the investigation of the investigative services, this concerns four yachts, a jetty, and 29 homes. 

A total of 14 properties are located in Catalonia, 11 of which are in the province of Girona and the other three in Tarragona. In this province, a judge on April 4 ordered the seizure of a yacht worth more than €100 million. A second mega-yacht had been immobilised in the port of Barcelona two weeks earlier. 

According to the authorities, the rest of the properties allegedly linked to businessmen with close ties to Putin and the Kremlin are distributed across Alicante with seven properties. In Malaga with four. Finally, the island of Mallorca, where authorities immobilised two pleasure boats and located four other buildings and a harbour berth. 

Cogesa Expats


  • 11 homes


  • 1 luxury yacht


Balearic Islands 

  • 1 berth
  • 4 houses
  • 2 luxury yachts


  • 7 properties


  • 4 houses

According to sources, the General Council of Notaries checked the 150 million records of this database against the sanctions list prepared by the European Council in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It currently includes 1,091 people and 80 entities. 

In total, the sleuthing of the General Council of Notaries has made it possible to identify the operations of 14 individuals on the EU list. A further 88 were associated with it. In addition, it assessed the notarial activities of eight companies registered in Spain and another seven abroad. They were in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Liechtenstein. Furthermore they were directly related to the sanctioned companies, as well as a boat dock and 29 properties. 

Moreover, the sanctioned individuals or their companies own 11 or those 29 properties. The remaining 18 are in the name of family members. 

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