Mini spring in Andalucia: temperatures rise to 27 degrees

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mini spring

SEVILLE – After some changeable weather in the south of Spain and cold inland, it is now time for an unexpected ‘mini spring’ with temperatures that could rise to 27 degrees in some places.

This is an unusual phenomenon for the weeks before Christmas. The turning point of this warm weather is expected on Monday, December 11. Then both maximum and minimum temperatures will rise across the region. The warmer episode is rightly referred to as mini, as the temperature increase will only last until Tuesday. This is reported by the Spanish Meteorological Service (Aemet). After Tuesday, temperatures will return to normal.

Temperatures by city

In Granada, a maximum temperature of 24 ℃ and a minimum of 14 ℃ is expected on Monday. In Jaén, temperatures will vary between a high of 22 and a low of 12 ℃. Almería can count on highs of up to 23 ℃ and lows of 15 ℃ on Tuesday. Málaga is expected to be the warmest, with temperatures reaching 27 ℃ on Tuesday, and a low of 16 ℃.

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Temperature rise throughout Spain

The temperature rise will start as early as Sunday, with large parts of the Mediterranean and Andalucia experiencing temperatures above 20 ℃. However, this is in contrast to Galicia. There, strong winds and persistent rainfall must be taken into account, especially in the west of the region, according to the Aemet weather report.

Enjoy the mini spring

This mini spring offers a perfect opportunity for residents and visitors of Andalucia to leave the winter coats in the wardrobe and enjoy the unexpectedly warm weather. Whether it is a walk through the streets of Granada or a visit to the beach in Málaga to eat grilled fish at one of the many chiringuitos. Another option is to take a nice walk in the Sierra de las Nieves or the Montes de Málaga. Or explore the historic centres of one of the provincial capitals such as Jaén, Almería or Seville. This weather phenomenon provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before normal winter temperatures return.

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