Spain starts February with spontaneous mini-spring

by Lorraine Williamson
mini-spring in Spain

WEATHER – Spain kicks off February with a rollercoaster when it comes to the weather. There are still weather alerts on Tuesday due to storms and cold in the north. However, a mini-spring will follow on Wednesday with temperatures exceeding 20 degrees in many places throughout Spain

However, this spontaneous ‘mini-spring’ is short-lived. According to the weather forecasts of the AEMET, the temperature will rise above 20 degrees in many places in Spain this week. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Malaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Murcia, the meters even exceed 25 degrees in the second half of the week. 

Cool start to the week in Spain 

At the beginning of the week, there is a clear divide in Spain; in the northern half of the country, it remains very cold with temperatures around the freezing point. Code orange and yellow has been issued for the Pyrenees and the Balearic Islands for strong winds, high waves, and storms. In the southern part, especially on the coast, it will still remain cool on Tuesday. However, it could still be 10 degrees more than the minimum temperatures in the rest of Spain. 

Wednesday mini-spring in Spain 

Wednesday will be the most spring-like day of the week in Spain due to a remarkable temperature increase almost everywhere. However, this will only be felt in the afternoon. The temperature rise is called extraordinary because the difference with Tuesday will be greater than 10 degrees in many places. Furthermore, in the southern part of Spain, it will be 20 degrees or warmer on Wednesday. 

Thursday weather change will take place 

The heat will last briefly on Thursday, but then the weather will soon turn again. The warm temperatures will give way to more cooling during the day. However, it is not expected to become cooler than 20 degrees in the south. Clouds will move over Spain from west to east. On Friday, temperatures will drop even further and it will only be 20 degrees or slightly warmer in Andalucia, Murcia, and Valencia. 

Weekend starts with normal temperatures for February in Spain 

The AEMET expects that the warm temperatures in the south of Spain will also make way for cooling on Saturday and Sunday. Only in some local areas will it be warmer than 20 degrees on Saturday. And this temperature will only be reached on the Canary Islands on Sunday. The Spanish weather service expects more stable weather from the weekend with temperatures that are normal for early February in Spain. 

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