Malaga plagued by pests: scabies, bedbugs, and mosquitoes

by Lorraine Williamson

Spring brings common pests with it. The unwanted organisms tend to thrive or increase as temperatures rise and humidity levels remain high. Wasps also increase in number under these conditions.

As the days lengthen in spring, temperatures rise. While most people look forward to spring, this season also brings common pests. Pests tend to thrive or increase in spring. The cause lies not only in the rise in temperature and humidity but also in the availability of food and suitable habitats conducive to the spread of these often unwanted ‘guests.’

The province of Malaga is currently plagued by scabies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and wasps. Pests multiply rapidly in this warmer season.

Scabies is a skin disease that has existed for centuries. Although it seems like a disease of the past, scabies is more prevalent than ever. According to the Spanish Association of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), the number of scabies cases in Spain is steadily increasing. Dermatologists suspect that the parasite has become more resistant.

Seaside resort Benalmádena plagued by scabies outbreak

Juan J. Zamudio García, an expert at the pest control service RapiPlaga and a legal expert, reports that the coastal town of Benalmádena is currently experiencing an outbreak of scabies. The source, a school in the resort town, has been suffering from the persistent infestation for some time, and a solution to the problem is not yet in sight.

Scabies is a contagious disease caused by tiny mites that lay eggs under the skin surface. The condition causes intense itching and skin rash. If you scratch, the eggs fall off. Anyone who then touches them becomes infected.

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The treatment for scabies usually involves applying a special cream. In more severe cases, oral medication may be prescribed. However, this does not solve the problem. To completely get rid of scabies, it is necessary to clean the entire house and wash clothing and bedding.

Bedbugs and mosquitoes

In early September, homes, cinemas, buses, and even hospitals in France were inundated with bedbugs. A plague that has spread to Spain. Especially Madrid, Catalonia, and Aragon were affected. Malaga also experienced a bedbug infestation.

Mosquitoes are among the insects that cause the most trouble annually. This year will be no different. Due to the extremely mild winter, there has been no biological pause for insects. Therefore, Malaga’s mosquito infestation comes as no surprise to the Rapiplaga team.

Tripling of wasp numbers

The unusually warm weather also leads to an increase in the number of wasps. This year, wasp nests were removed in December and January, which is highly unusual. Experts warn that the number of wasps will triple in the coming months. The number of mosquitoes will also increase, especially in the areas of Guadalhorce.

What can you do about it? Zamudio recommends installing screens on windows and using insect repellent when going outdoors.

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