Madrid drones enforce new measures

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Drones to enforce new measures in Madrid

218 additional police officers have been deployed by the municipality of Madrid.  The authorities in Madrid will conduct aerial surveillance using drones to help enforce the new corona measures.  This will take effect in the Spanish capital from Monday.  

Curfew in Madrid at 10 pm and restaurants to close at 9 pm

Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida of Madrid consulted the municipal police last Thursday about the extra manpower and the use of drones to enforce the measures. The mayor informed the media, drone surveillance will take place in the 56 base zones with the highest incidence of infections. For these zones, a perimeter lockdown comes into effect from Monday  

 Visitors at home are no longer permitted

From Monday (January 25th), curfew in the Madrid region has been brought forward to 10:00 pm.  In addition, all catering establishments and shops must close at 9:00 pm.  A maximum group of four people, may congregate in bars and restaurants.  Households are no longer allowed to receive visitors, with the exception of minors. Police stressed to the media that people caught violating the restrictions, will be fined.  Since last October, more than 57,000 fines have been issued.  

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Meal delivery until midnight

In his response to the media, the mayor underlined the support of both municipal and regional authorities for the catering sector.  For economic reasons, it does not have to close its doors during the day despite the tightened measures. The delivery and collection of meals will also continue to be permitted for bars and restaurants.  This is so that lost income can still be somewhat compensated. Meal deliverers are exempt from curfew and may also deliver meals to homes between 10:00 pm and midnight.  

Infection incidence in Madrid above 900

Last Friday, the contamination incidence in the Madrid region was 904.24 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The average incidence in Spain is 828.57.  Furthermore, these tightened measures will remain in force for at least the next fourteen days. 



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