Large fire in Benidorm possibly lit

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fire in Benidorm

BENIDORM – A spectacular fire that raged on Tuesday afternoon in the Armanello district in the Spanish resort of Benidorm set off all alarm bells. The possibly deliberately lit fire and additional smoke could be seen for miles around.

The Armanello district is close to where the city’s most famous nightclubs are located. The fire brigade started extinguishing the fire at 3.43 pm. It was a difficult job because the flames spread quite violently. According to sources at the fire department, the fire started near the market. The fire was brought under control in the evening.

The main problem was the various vacant lots in the area with accumulated garbage used as fuel. There are also many squatters in the area who tap light from street lamps and sometimes cause a short circuit. Fortunately, there are no fatalities or injuries.

The fire, which could be seen from all parts of the city, has put the whole of Benidorm on alert. It is also not the first fire to break out in the area.

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Police are investigating possible arson

After identifying several sources of fire, the police have launched an investigation into the possible deliberate fire. Benidorm’s mayor, Toni Pérez, stressed that while the fire was remarkably intense “no personal injury occurred and surrounding houses were not damaged”. He also praised the quick response of the emergency services. “The affected people were able to leave the area on their own and no mass evacuation had to be carried out,” he added.

Fifty local residents were taken care of

The Red Cross provided temporary shelter for fifty local residents on the night of the fire. “In collaboration with the Red Cross, we have set up a care center in Carrer de Pilota del Palau D’Esports for those affected,” said Pérez. The Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants provided the pets that accompanied the affected individuals.

Although the fire was declared under control at 8:46 p.m. on Tuesday, many hot spots remained on Wednesday morning. Therefore, three firefighters remained on site to prevent possible new outbreaks. Pérez also confirmed that traffic is “back to normal operation”. However, it remains to be seen what will come of the investigation into the cause of the fire.

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