DANA threatens with hail and thunderstorms in Andalucia

by Lorraine Williamson

SEVILLE – As of Wednesday, a DANA (isolated high-level depression) hangs over the Gulf of Cádiz. This influences the weather throughout Andalucia. After the early summer weather with relatively high temperatures, the mercury has dropped sharply throughout the region. 

In practically all provinces, the thermometers have shown a drop of 4 degrees. And in addition to rain, the unstable situation could bring thunderstorms and hail in several parts of the region. 

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“The rainfall will begin on Wednesday in the Strait of Gibraltar area, although there may also be storms in points of Seville, Huelva, Granada and the mountains of Jaén,” said Juan de Dios del Pino, from the National Meteorological Agency, Aemet in Andalucia. Del Pino confirms that Andalucia will not have to deal with mud rain as a result of the floating Saharan dust from North Africa. However, other parts of the country are affected by this. 

DANA brings Insense rain on Friday 

From Thursday, the rains are more widespread and occur in almost all of Andalucia. On Friday, the chance of intense showers is greatest along the Mediterranean East coast and in the mountainous areas to the east of the region. On Saturday and Sunday, they will then become more common again throughout the Autonomous Community. 

According to Aemet’s meteorologist, the situation may change and we should expect thunderstorms and hail. However, hail will mainly occur in areas of the provinces of Seville, Córdoba and Huelva. Although it is currently difficult to predict with greater precision what will happen and the chance of thunderstorms is greater than hail. 

Lower temperatures 

Temperatures have already dropped noticeably on Wednesday but will continue to drop during the rest of the week. “Now we have temperatures below average, a situation that has not happened for almost two months,” says Del Pino. By the weekend, they could drop another 3 to 4 degrees. As a result, the minimum values in most provinces remain around 10 degrees Celsius and the maximum values fluctuate around 22 degrees. 

Drought not resolved with these showers 

Unfortunately, these rains will not be enough to relieve the severe drought in the country. Aemet spokesman Rubén Del Campo explained in La Vanguardia that the showers predicted for this week and possibly next week are “completely normal situations for the month of May, nothing out of the ordinary”. The showers will therefore by no means end the drought, but the precipitation deficit will in any case not increase. 

The first half of May was very dry 

According to data from Aemet, despite continued rainfall in the Bay of Biscay and heavy showers in parts of the eastern peninsula in recent days, the first half of May has been very dry in Spain. Only 9 l/m² has accumulated, 62% less than normal for that period. 

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