In this Spanish city you can eat the best tapas according to ‘The Times’

by Lorraine Williamson

The prestigious British newspaper, The Times has chosen nine cities around the world to enjoy its gastronomy. And there is one of them in Spain. The city is famous for its tapas.

If there is something that makes Spain stand out, it is the variety of gastronomic traditions. They vary by province. The Times praises Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, which has been put on the world map as a top culinary destination. The newspaper mentions the rich wine tradition and the varied culinary offer of tapas. And of course the combination of wine and food.

Food and wine pairings

Logroño is one of the cradles of regional gastronomy, of fresh produce and of Spanish gastronomy by chefs of international renown. The wine is also world famous. The average annual production of wines bearing the Rioja Designation of Origin is 269 million litres. Furthermore, 85% of them are red. You can visit historic wineries, book wine tastings or take tours of the vineyards. Often with a panoramic view of the region. But it also offers an exceptional culinary offering of the wine-food pairings that The Times raves about.

Local products

The Rioja region and its core, Logroño, is known for the quality of its local products, from fresh vegetables to smoked meats. Logroño’s chefs use these ingredients to prepare dishes that combine tradition and modernity appealling to locals and international visitors alike. The latter are enthusiastic about the most traditional dishes, such as Riojan potatoes, cod and of course the tapas.

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Where to eat tapas in Logroño?

Calle Laurel is known for its wide range of bars where tapas are a must with a glass of wine or a beer. As you stroll down this centrally located street, you can smell the aroma of various food items being prepared. This ranges from traditional patatas bravas to more innovative delicacies such as sushi with local products.

Still, there’s one tapa that stands out when strolling down Calle Laurel. That’s the tower of grilled mushrooms (3 pieces) and prawns, which are also prepared in the same way with garlic, olive oil and vinegar dressing.

If you want a little more choice, head to Bar Atiborre (C/ Laurel, 33), where they offer a tapa of roasted lamb with crispy potato. If you prefer eggs, then Bodeguilla Los Rotos (San Agustín, 8) is a must. You can also try the bocata de calamares and salsa at Calderas (Laurel, 20) or the picadillo de chorizo with quail egg and peppers at El Muro (C/ Laurel, 27).

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