Valencia suspends permits for holiday apartments and limits mega cruises

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holiday apartments

Valencia’s mayor, María José Català, has announced that Valencia will temporarily suspend permits for holiday apartments in communal residential buildings and commercial spaces.


This measure will be in effect for one year, with the possibility of extension for another year. This was announced during the ‘Somos +’ meeting, organised by the newspaper Las Provincias.

Restriction of mega cruises

In addition to the suspension of permits for holiday apartments, Català also announced plans to limit the arrival of mega cruises to Valencia from 2026. These measures are in response to the increasing number of tourist apartments and mega cruises. Moreover, they are intended to reduce the impact of ever-expanding tourism to control the city.

Criticism of previous administration

Català criticised the previous local government, composed of Compromís and PSPV, for their lack of action on tourist apartments. According to her, the previous administration relaxed the rules, allowing the number of holiday apartments in commercial spaces to increase. “Compromís and PSPV-PSOE talked about tourist apartments every day, but did nothing in eight years,” the mayor said.

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Platform for holiday apartments

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Agenda is working on a national platform that will bring together data, studies and regulations on tourist apartments. This platform should be ready by 2026 and will make Spain one of the first European countries to implement such a system. Minister Isabel Rodríguez stated that the platform will provide a better understanding of which measures are effective against fraud and improve the availability of housing.

European standards

European regulations aim to improve data collection and tackle fraud in the temporary tourist rental sector. The minister emphasised that the increase in tourist apartments increases rental prices in her city. It also reduces the availability of housing. The regulations will ensure that temporary tourist rentals, such as via platforms such as Airbnb, meet the same standards as regular rentals.

Impact on the housing market

According to the ministry, the proliferation of tourist apartments has a negative effect on housing availability and rental prices. “For any other use, residential use will always prevail. When this is threatened by abuse of other forms of use, governments must intervene to provide solutions,” the minister said.


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