Huge white cetacean hangs from cliff in Galicia

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VIVEIRO – A photo was taken Tuesday morning of a huge white cetacean wedged between the rocks on the coast of Viveiro (Lugo).

The animal in a strange position was located on the coast of Area at the bottom of Mount Faro, behind the islets of the famous beach, but already on the cliffs of Faro. At the time the photo was taken, no one else had discovered the cetacean.

The Civil Protection was warned by the regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia. Service volunteers quickly moved to the cliff area, but the cetacean may have already been dragged elsewhere by the current. Moreover, the area is difficult to reach by boat. The generally rough sea in combination with a large amount of rocks makes it dangerous to approach the cliffs.

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Identification of the animal was made difficult by the position and great distance from where the images were taken. At the time of discovery, the whale remained wedged in the same cliff.

Alfredo López, from Cemma, told La Voz that it is most likely a whale, a fin whale. The white colour is said to be due to the state of decomposition the animal was already in. It is estimated that the animal was 5 to 6 metres long.

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