United Nationalities of Marbella Summit 2023: Nurturing a sense of belonging for Marbella’s youth

by Lorraine Williamson
United Nationalities of Marbella annual summit

MARBELLA – The United Nationalities of Marbella (UNMS) has rescheduled its annual summit to December 7th, 2023. This year, it will address the pressing concerns of the youth in Marbella.

The summit, to be held at the Harbour Restaurant, aims to delve into a crucial theme: “Do our children feel at home in Marbella?”

The central issue at hand is the predicament faced by young individuals who, despite growing up in Marbella, find themselves unable to return after studying abroad due to a lack of career opportunities. This unfortunate circumstance often leads to the separation of families. To tackle this issue, the summit will explore specific topics, with a particular focus on three key areas:

Personalised support

UNMS looks the core issues affecting youth well-being, including free-time opportunities, education, internships, and work experiences. The goal is to identify and implement strategies that will provide the necessary support to the youth in Marbella.

Happy helpline

In a bid to make support more accessible, UNMS is introducing the Happy Helpline. This centralised platform will compile contact details for English-language support services related to suicide prevention, presented in an engaging and attractive manner to resonate with the youth.

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Interact with AI

Additionally, this year will witness the unveiling of NeduAI, an interactive and gamified platform designed to simplify the process of choosing an education path, recognising skills, and planning a career for the youth.

NeduAI empowers young people by giving them control over their choices, thereby enhancing their overall well-being. Parents are also encouraged to get involved, turning the potentially stressful process of life-planning into a collaborative and enjoyable family activity.

United Nationalities of Marbella annual summit

The summit is scheduled to take place at the Harbour Restaurant from 12 noon to 3.30 pm. Given the limited seating, interested participants are urged to book their spots early. The Harbour Restaurant offers a three-course festive lunch menu for just 35€, payable directly upon arrival. To secure a place, please contact UNMS by WhatsApp on +34 610 700 617 or via email at mimarbellartvm@gmail.com.

Be a part of the solution, contribute to the conversation, and join the United Nationalities of Marbella Summit 2023. Together, let’s create a Marbella where every child feels at home.

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