Hotel swimming pools in Catalonia must admit general public

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hotel swimming pools

This summer, the Generalitat of Catalonia will allow municipalities to fill public and private swimming pools with drinking water despite the drought, as long as they fulfill the function of climate refuge. This also applies to hotel swimming pools. Based on the decree, hotels should also allow the general public into their pools.

The decree also allows hotels to collect entrance fees for the use of the swimming pools by people from outside. In order to open their swimming pools, hotels must obtain the qualification of “climate refuge”. This will be awarded by the municipalities. Hotels can also have a private desalination plant or offer federal sports to meet climate refuge requirements. If they do not meet any of these conditions, they will not be allowed to fill their swimming pools with drinking water and will have to close them.

The decree excludes swimming pools for families or private use. Communal swimming pools in residential areas are only considered climate refuges if the relevant municipal council reaches an agreement with the owners. If this is not possible, those swimming pools cannot be filled and are subject to the Special Drought Plan regime.

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Controversy and uncertainty

The decision to open hotel pools to the public has caused controversy. Some municipalities claim that they were not fully informed during the negotiations on the decree. It is not yet clear who will set the entrance fees or who will collect the money for access to the hotels’ swimming pools. The new measure raises questions about its practical implementation among those affected.

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