Hit and run chase in Madrid ends in collision with 2 dead and 5 injured

by Lorraine Williamson
hit and run

MADRID – The hit and run driver of a car that drove at high speed on the Paseo de Extremadura in Madrid on Thursday morning caused two fatalities and five injuries.

The fatal victims are a 72-year-old man and another 81-year-old man. In addition, several people were injured. The two victims were hit while walking along the road at two different points about 200 metres apart. 

The driver of the car allegedly fled from a police check. Therefore, the authorities rule out a terrorist attack. However, the driver is currently on the run and is being sought. 

Police check 

According to NIUS, it all started in Leganés when the Guardia Civil traffic police stopped a gray Mercedes. The occupants of the car were holding a child on their laps. Furthermore, the child was not in a legally required child seat. The car failed to stop and then began a 12-kilometre chase that ended in the fatal collision. 

Hit and run high speed chase

The driver drove through several red traffic lights at high speed. After the second fatal collision, the driver ran off. Subsequently, the Guardia Civil found a minor and two other people in the car, who were arrested. The driver allegedly fled in a grey Peugeot 208. 

The suspect still wanted is a 31-year-old Spanish citizen, born in 1991 with a criminal past. A court order against him would make him afraid to be identified during the check. Moreover, he could have fled for that reason. 

The wounded 

In the first collision, the car caused injuries to three people. A 65-year-old couple was discharged on the spot and a 90-year-old woman was taken to hospital for evaluation. In addition, Samur paramedics treated two people at the intersection of Paseo Extremadura and Saavedra Fajardo: one for minor injuries and one for a panic attack.

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