Green light for Europe’s largest film studio in Gran Canaria

by Lorraine Williamson
dreamland studios canarias

TELDE – The board of Gran Canaria has unanimously given the green light to Dreamland Studios Canarias. This ambitious project, which includes a major audiovisual and technological centre, is on its way to becoming a reality. 

Initiated by the Newport Group and Lopesan, the project aims to become the largest audiovisual and technology centre in Southern Europe. With an area of 100,000 square metres, full film recordings and audiovisual productions from start to finish will be possible here. 

Canarias7 writes that the project also includes a technological leisure park with immersive experiences to make the island’s tourist offering more complete. In addition, Dreamland Studios Canarias will be engaged in the creation of video games and the construction of a training centre for jobs in the booming audiovisual sector. 

Largest film studio in Europe 

The facilities at Dreamland Studios Canarias are impressive. Moreover, the project will have the largest film studio in Europe, with an area of no less than 6,000 square metres. In addition, there will be a 2,500 square metre secondary film studio and even a 1,600 square metre aquatic studio, specially designed for filming complex scenes on the high seas or in deep waters. 

The production and post-production building will house state-of-the-art technologies, including 2D, 3D and special effects capabilities. In addition, there will be a research and development laboratory to stimulate innovation within the audiovisual sector. 

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Environmental impact assessment 

The agreement includes the submission of the dossier to the Gran Canaria Environmental Body for an environmental impact assessment. Only then will the procedures for public information, hearing landowners and reporting from the island and municipal administration be opened. 

Employment opportunities 

The project is praised for its potential contribution to the economic diversification of Gran Canaria and job creation. With a planned investment of €140 million and an expected construction period of three to four years, Dreamland Studios Canarias promises to become an engine for economic growth on the island. 

328 jobs 

Dreamland Studios Canarias has what it takes to justify its status of insular importance. The project has all the required documentation to obtain this status. In addition, it has received positive feedback from the Telde municipal council. Once operational, the project is expected to occupy one-sixth of the grounds of the El Cortijo de San Ignacio club. Furthermore it will create as many as 328 jobs. 

An important player in the field of audiovisual productions 

In light of these developments, it seems that Gran Canaria will soon become a major player in audiovisual production. The project will not only give an economic boost to the island but also create new opportunities for employment and innovation within the audiovisual sector. 

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