Fuengirola residents to conserve water amidst severe drought conditions

by Lorraine Williamson

FUENGIROLA: In response to the ongoing drought crisis in the Western Costa del Sol system, which Fuengirola is a part of, Mayor-President Ana Maria Mula Redruello has implemented stringent water-saving measures to combat the critical water shortage.

Despite recent rains, the situation remains dire, necessitating immediate action from the local residents to conserve water. Here’s what you need to know about the newly enforced regulations and how you can contribute to saving water.

The Western Costa del Sol system, of which Fuengirola is a part, is facing a severe water shortage due to prolonged drought conditions. To address this crisis, the Ayuntamiento, under the leadership of Mayor-President Ana Maria Mula Redruello, has enacted a comprehensive water-saving plan. The plan aims to achieve a minimum of a 20% reduction in water supply, and urges residents to adopt responsible water usage habits and adhere to the newly established restrictions.

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Enforced measures

With immediate effect, the following measures are in force:

  1. Prohibition of Watering Public or Private Spaces: This includes gardens, orchards, meadows, parks, green areas, and sports grounds. Residents are urged to refrain from any unnecessary watering activities.
  2. Street Cleaning Restrictions: Washing streets, pavements, and facades, both public and private, is prohibited unless specifically authorised for health reasons.
  3. Swimming Pool Regulations: Filling or refilling private swimming pools is not allowed during this period.
  4. Public Showers and Fountains: The use of public showers and fountains is banned to conserve water resources.
  5. Car Washing Restrictions: Car washing is only permitted in authorised establishments equipped with water recycling and recirculation systems.
  6. Ornamental and Recreational Water Features: Public or private ornamental, recreational, or sporting fountains and lakes are prohibited unless they incorporate water recirculation systems.
  7. Hydrant Usage: Using water from irrigation hydrants and hydrants without explicit written authorisation from the City Council is strictly forbidden, except in cases of fire emergencies.
  8. Exclusivity for Human Consumption: Sources of water designated for human consumption must be utilised solely for this purpose, with any other usage strictly restricted.

Enforcement and penalties

Local police will conduct surveillance and monitor compliance with the established measures. Violations will be reported to the Mayor’s office, and fines may be imposed according to the existing legislation.

Duration and future measures

This water-saving order is of indefinite duration and will continue until a new order is issued, the drought situation ends, or if it is revoked due to significant improvements. Additional measures may be implemented if the situation worse


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