Frenzied Málaga CF fans celebrate promotion to the second division

Streets of Málaga turned blue and white

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga CF

FOOTBALL – It was party time on Sunday in Málaga! The promotion of Málaga CF to the second division was celebrated exuberantly. After a nail-biting promotion match against Gimnàstic deTarragona, the local football club secured a place in the Spanish second division.

The exuberant night of celebration in Málaga ended on Sunday night at the airport, where 5,000 frenzied fans welcomed the players like true heroes at 4.00 am. Málaga CF was relegated to the Spanish third division, the semi-professional level, last season. But, with the support of the fanatical and loyal fans, the football club fought back this season. As a result, this promotion led to a bomb of joy and emotions in Andalucia, with indescribable scenes.

The fans of the blue and whites celebrated their team’s return to professional football in style at each of the various events along the route. After the spontaneous explosion of joy over an epic promotion to the second division, Málaga, the official celebration of this milestone followed on Sunday afternoon.

Blue and white on the street

On Sunday afternoon, the parties took place in the city of Málaga. What started in the early hours of the previous morning at the airport continued with an itinerary that included a floral offering to the Cautivo, a visit to the Diputación, the Town Hall and a new floral offering to the Divina Pastora. And it all started at home. In the packed stadium La Rosaleda.

As if it were a match day, the fans of the blue and whites immediately packed the stands to celebrate with their team when they left the bus. The players were already celebrating before leaving the stadium on what was shaping up to be a memorable afternoon. In the first few metres we got the first surprise. The fire brigade approached the team, turned on the sirens and applauded from the door.

The Church of San Pablo was the first stop to thank the Cautivo and María Santísima de la Trinidad. Once inside, players brought the flower offering in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary.

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From there, according to the party program, the bus was due to head towards Avenida de Pacífico to be received by the authorities of the Diputación Provincial around 7.00 pm and then go to the Town Hall where they will go up the balcony of the Casa Consistorial around 19.45 pm to address the fans.

To close the perfect circle, the tour ended with a visit to the patron saint of sport, the Divina Pastora, in Capuchinos, where each season begins with a flower offering.

A look back: goal in the final phase brings Málaga back to the Spanish second division

Supported by its loyal supporters, the Spanish tradition club worked its way back up this season. Successfully. The Estadio La Rosaleda revived like never before and the club secured the promotion play-offs with a third place in the regular season. And it was thrilling in the final of the playoffs. After a 2-1 home win against Gimnastic,

Malaga faced a 2-0 defeat in the match until deep into extra time. But the final phase was surprising! With 2-1 in the 108th minute and then the equaliser in the 124th minute.

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