Four hours wait to access Caló d’es Moro in Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
Caló d'es Moro in Mallorca

PALMA – Not so long ago, people in Mallorca craved tourists. And while many international tourists have still stayed away due to the pandemic, the island’s popular bays and beaches are busy. Caló d’es Moro in particular.

In fact, Saturday was so crowded that people queued up to four hours at the well-known Caló d’es Moro in the municipality of Santanyí to park their cars first and then again to gain access to the beach. The cove surrounded by cliffs is a well-known tourist attraction with turquoise water and beautiful sand. But the municipality no longer dares to promote it. “We limit ourselves only to including the bay in the catalog of beaches that we work,” says the mayor in Diario de Mallorca. 

Visitors flock to Caló d’es Moro

The municipality cannot cope with this pressure. The only advantage of the pandemic is that the number of people entering a beach can be monitored. That’s why two guards have been hired to check that there are no more than 80 people in the bay. However, the interest is so great that countless people are willing to stand in line for hours and wait for people to leave the bay again. 

The security personnel can only control the beach access by foot, but there are also many people who visit the bay with boats. This means that at times much more than 80 tourists populate the beach. 

No Lifeguards

According to Diario de Mallorca, the biggest problem with the crowds in Caló d’es Moro is that there are no lifeguards to guarantee safety in the water. It’s also not the only bay on the island to suffer from the crowds. Also at Es Trenc or Cala Varques, masses of cars are parked on the surrounding roads where, according to the authorities, they pose a risk to road safety. 

Complaints on Twitter 

People complained on Twitter. So says @jp_real: Did you see the line to get to Es Calò d’es Moro? This is urgent. It’s not sustainable, empty reservoirs, cars everywhere… We are bursting at the seams. 

@ninaimantada: Tourists queuing for FOUR HOURS to get to Caló d’es Moro in Mallorca. Just to take the picture. Ok, it’s very pretty, but… do you know the island is SURROUNDED by bays? Madre mia the stupidity of the people #calodesmoro #Mallorca #turistastontos 

@BattecsClassics tweet: The end of the world is here! The greatest threat to the world is humanity itself. Plautus said it in the third century BC: “Homo homini lupus est” (“Man is a wolf to man”). 

At a photo of the endless row in the dunes, @xavierpastor_IB says: Confirmed, Dr. Einstein: Human stupidity knows no limit. No, not in you. Dr Darwin, please act quickly. 

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