Former king of Spain had secret daughter from extramarital affair

by Lorraine Williamson
secret daughter of Juan Carlos I

The so-calledscandal king‘, as Juan Carlos I of Spain is regularly called, has not three but four children. This daughter has been an open secret for years, but has also been financially supported by the Spanish royal family for a long time. 

These revelations are made in the book “King Corp” by the journalists María Olmo and David Fernández. The emeritus king is said to have had this daughter around 1980. Her name is Alejandra and she was born out of an extramarital affair with a noblewoman who was a regular visitor to the royal palace when Juan Carlos had just been king for a few years. Consequently, Spanish media are now speculating; can Spain expect more illegitimate children from the former king? 

Spanish journalists reveal fourth child Juan Carlos 

This part of the book was published by these journalists from the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial on Thursday, April 27. It states that this unknown descendant of Juan Carlos grew up without ever knowing who her real father was. However, according to the information that has come out, Alejandra is now married and has a son. 

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Daughter was an open secret but well known within the royal family of Spain 

Once she was aware of this, she chose not to claim any inheritance rights. When Alejandra was told that she was the daughter of Juan Carlos, rapprochement was sought for each other. Although he never treated her like his other “official” children, he spoke positively of her within his circle of friends. The royal family even had a secret pot of which this unrecognised daughter was financially supported without it becoming public. 

According to the book, everyone in the royal palace already knew about Alejandra’s existence. However, this has not always been the case and Juan Carlos feared during King Felipe’s childhood that they would meet and fall in love when they are actually brother and sister. However, the existence of the king’s secret daughter became an “open secret” that was never revealed to the Spaniards in order to maintain the stability of the royal family. 

This admission was made after consulting three sources who could confirm the alleged paternity of the emeritus king: an ex-partner of Juan Carlos, a businessman friend of the king and an ex-partner of Alejandra herself. Although the book itself will not be released until May, this chapter was published today. 

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