Another child out of wedlock for Juan Carlos?

by Lorraine Williamson
Juan Carlos new love child?

MADRID – Royalty journalist Pilar Eyre has dropped an informative ‘bomb’ about the sentimental past and another potential love child of the former king of Spain, Juan Carlos I. 

Felipe VI’s father is said to have a secret daughter, an aristocratic woman from Madrid, about the same age as the current king of Spain (55 years old). In appearance, she resembles him and his sister Infanta Cristina. 

According to the daily newspaper NIUS, Pilar Eyre gave this information on Wednesday in the program Tout es mou of the Catalan public television channel TV3. The alleged “bastard daughter” of King Juan Carlos is a “famous lady, daughter of an aristocratic couple. When she got married, she was on the cover of magazines,” said the Catalan journalist and writer, to the surprise of the program’s host, Helena Garcia Melero. 

“Everyone in Madrid knows this story” 

Pilar Eyre did not want to reveal the name of the alleged sister of King Felipe VI and the princesses Elena and Cristina, “because she has not made it public”. However, the royalty reporter is assured that it is a “story known to everyone in Madrid because the mother is the first to proudly tell that her daughter belonged to the king”. “Some say she looks like Felipe, others like Cristina de Borbón. Even the father, “who has a title, a well-known figure in Madrid society, also told it with pride,” Eyre added. 

Eyre wrote several books about the Spanish royal family and gave more clues about the king’s alleged third daughter. A “woman he always treats with great respect, she sits in VIP seats at the ceremonies he attends and in the shops, she gets special treatment”. 

Two other alleged illegitimate children 

The aristocrat Pilar Eyre is talking about is not the only daughter attributed to King Juan Carlos (85 years old) outside of his marriage to Queen Sofía. Ingrid Sartiau, a 53-year-old Belgian, was already in court and appeared at the gates of the royal palace when the emeritus king visited Sanxenxo last May. 

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Then there is the presumed illegitimate son of the king, Albert Solá Jiménez (66 years old). This waiter from La Bisbal d’Empordà (Girona) died in October under strange circumstances. He claimed to be the eldest son of Juan Carlos. Ingrid Sartiau, along with Solà, filed her paternity claim with a DNA test, but both were rejected. The Belgian appeared at Solá’s funeral, accompanied by her lawyer, Jaume-Alonso Cuevillas, who is collecting evidence to investigate whether they will file a new paternity case. 

The other woman who claims to be the result of an extramarital affair with the King in the 1960s is María Alexandra. She is a Catalan businesswoman who also tried to prove her origins. She demanded money because of a disability of 68%, for which she only receives a benefit of €460 per month. 

Public secret in Madrid 

It is not the first time that Pilar Eyre has brought to light this unknown story of the king. She did it five years ago when she was interviewed in Risto Mejide’s Chester. This episode was repeated by Telecinco last Tuesday. Eyre then spoke of what could be one of the best-kept secrets of the Spanish monarchy or an open secret. “Everyone around him knows, her mother knows and the king knows,” but no one has dared to say it, much less mention her name. Juan Carlos I’s illegitimate daughter is “a person who could star on the covers, which has already happened,” Eyre added. 

Whom would it be? 

During the broadcast of the interview, there was already a lot of speculation on social networks about who the illegitimate daughter of Don Juan Carlos would be. Then all kinds of aristocratic names passed by, including Eugenia Martínez de Irujo (53 years old) to Isabel Sartorius (58). 

On Twitter, Pilar Eyre announced that next Wednesday she will have another scoop in her column Lecturas, a magazine about royalties and celebrities. It is not known whether that scoop is related to the royal family. 

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