Juan Carlos I denies extramarital relationship and alleged extra daughter

by Lorraine Williamson
Juan Carlos denies allegations

MADRID – The emeritus king of Spain, Juan Carlos strongly denies having had an extramarital relationship with the aristocrat Rosario Palacios and therefore having had a daughter with her, as various media have reported in recent days. 

In a statement to EFE, the emeritus king reported that he was forced to deny this information and “reject and condemn as false everything that has been published concerning this fabricated case.” He emphasised that he had absolutely no love relationship with Ms Palacios and therefore did not have a daughter with her. 

Secret daughter

Several media outlets have pointed to Alejandra de Rojas, daughter of Rosario Palacios, who died in 2016, as the alleged secret daughter of King Juan Carlos. They did so based on revelations in the book “King Corp., the unprecedented empire of Juan Carlos I”, written by journalists José María Olmo and David Fernández. 

However, Juan Carlos, who currently lives in Abu Dhabi, strongly denies ever having had any love affair with Palacios and being the father of Alejandra. 

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The book was published during the king emeritus’s second visit to Spain since he left for the United Arab Emirates more than a year ago, due to investigations into his alleged tax fraud and corruption cases abroad. 

During his stay in Sanxenxo, Pontevedra, he kept himself discreet and made no statements. Upon arrival at Vigo airport, he was photographed with the crew of the sailing boat “Rascal”. Previously, sources from the Royal House denied that EFE was aware of the existence of a secret daughter of King Juan Carlos. 

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