Fines for 42 motorhomes near Valencia

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fines for motorhomes

The constant flow of tourists in campers in the Devesa de Valencia is being tackled firmly. The area is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the protected natural park l’Albufera. Within a week, the local police have already issued fines to 42 campers for illegal parking and staying overnight.

The city council of Valencia has tightened measures to protect this area. New signs indicate that overnight parking and camping are prohibited.


The new traffic signs were installed last week. These have not missed their effect. The local police of Valencia have already fined 42 campers that broke the rules. The signs have been placed at parking lots near El Saler and Los Ferros with prohibition times from 1.30  am to 8.00 am. Stricter parking times now also apply in the area around Sidi Saler.

Need for protection

José Gosálbez, the municipal councilor of Devesa-Albufera, emphasises that these measures are necessary to ensure the integrity of the area and preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of the park. “We want to prevent parking lots from turning into permanent camping sites for caravans. We also want to ensure that the regulations in force in the El Saler Natural Park are respected,” said Gosálbez.

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Reactions from local residents

The idyllic area attracts many visitors because of its unique location between the sea and the watery area behind it. The proximity to the city of Valencia is also an attractive factor for visitors. Consequently, the increase in RV tourism since the pandemic has raised concerns among local residents. The residents’ association of El Saler complained last year about campers holding barbecues in protected areas. This increases the risk of fire and pollutes the local environment.

“Good results”

Jesús Carbonell, municipal councillor for Mobility and Safety, points out the effectiveness of the joint enforcement efforts. “We have already seen results this week. The local police have already issued 42 fines since Monday.”Valencia City Council remains committed to the conservation of Devesa-Albufera and hopes that all visitors will cooperate to ensure the natural beauty and safety of the area. With the arrival of summer and increasing tourism, these enforcement measures will continue unabated.

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