Campers on Tenerife beaches are a growing problem

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campers playa de las americas, Tenerife

Playa de las Américas, perhaps Tenerife’s most famous beach in the municipality of Arona, is overrun by caravans and campers. Many of these are illegally rented to tourists and some are used for prostitution purposes.

COPE Tenerife reports this based on a conversation with the president of the Camper Association of the Canary Islands, Juan Martín. According to Martín, the lack of housing in the Canary Islands and the loss of purchasing power of many residents of the archipelago have led to a proliferation of campers in recent years. Moreover, in most cases, these are the only living space for citizens. Many of these vehicles can be seen in areas near the old Metrópolis nightclub or Avenida de Amsterdam. Parking spaces are therefore monopolised and spaces are occupied by campers while the spaces are unsuitable for this purpose due to the absence of electricity, water, etc.

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Illegal holiday rental

“Presumably many owners of these campers park them in those places. They then take the keys with them to prevent them from being moved. Finally, they offer the spaces for holiday rentals,” says Martín. Some are advertised without any disguise on the usual holiday rental platforms. The chairman adds that it has even been found that one of these improvised accommodations is used for prostitution. According to Martín, these people “take advantage of the lack of a municipal regulation on this subject in the municipality of Arona”.

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Municipality is preparing new regulations

According to Martín, the association has offered legal advice to the administrations on various issues. For example, about protocols for the actions of the Local Police. It is important for the association that there remains respect for the people who use their camper according to the rules.

The Arona municipal council is preparing a census in this regard. This count should serve as the basis for new regulations on camping in the municipality.

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