April Sees 87 traffic fatalities despite decreased mobility

by Lorraine Williamson
April fatalities

In April, there were 78 fatalities in traffic accidents in which 87 people lost their lives, even as mobility decreased by 7% compared to April of the previous year. This data was released by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), indicating a worrying trend despite fewer vehicles on the road.

According to the report, there has been an increase in fatalities involving vans (+4) and trucks weighing over 3,500 kg (+3) compared to 2023.

Helmets and seatbelts

Shockingly, 15 of the fatalities were not using the appropriate safety systems at the time of the accident. Among them, 9 were in cars, 3 in vans, 2 in trucks over 3,500 kg, and 1 cyclist was not wearing a helmet.

From January to April 30, there have been 348 traffic fatalities, 19 more than in the same period in 2023, representing a 6% increase.

Road accidents

In April, 75% of deaths occurred on conventional roads. There was a notable increase involving vans, with 9 deaths (8 on conventional roads), which is 4 more than in April of the previous year. Fatalities involving trucks over 3,500 kg also increased, with 5 deaths, 3 more than in April of the previous year.

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Regarding the type of accident, fatalities from running off the road decreased (35 compared to 59 in 2023), while those from collisions of all types increased (5 more than in April 2023).

The report also highlights regional differences. Andalucia saw an increase in accidents, with 6 more fatalities than in April 2023, whereas Catalonia experienced a decrease, with 10 fewer fatalities compared to the same period last year.

The deadliest days were Sunday, April 14, and Thursday, April 18, each with 7 fatalities. Conversely, the month also saw 2 days with no deaths: Thursday, April 11, and Tuesday, April 16.

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