European Parliament demands free PCR tests for travel

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European parliament wants free PCR test for travel within Europe

The European Parliament wants free PCR tests for travel across Europe. Parliament is currently finalising the digital green certificate. Despite previous consultations, parliament still has some demands on its introduction.

As mentioned in a previous article, the certificate will state whether the traveller has already been vaccinated, previously infected with Covid-19 or can submit a negative test result in order to travel. In the latter case, the traveller must have himself tested just before the trip (RT-PCR or fast antigens).

Europe must draw a line

Testing by private clinics in Spain costs an average of €100. During special periods – such as Christmas – this can go up to €170. In other European countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, there are more and more companies that offer these tests plus a certificate for no more than €100.

At the moment, every country has a different approach. This is why the European Parliament believes in a common approach and travel not discouraged by expensive tests. According to Parliament, for travel purposes there should be free PCR tests, the Spanish news site wrote Friday morning.

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Final decision on digital green certificate next week

Although this is the intention of the European Parliament, they will decide next week on the final version and introduction of the digital green certificate (DGC). Then, Parliament will discuss the document and all preconditions with the European Council. After that all European member states will have to agree on how they handle travel with this certificate.

No quarantine for certified travellers

However, this is not the only demand presented by the European Parliament. The organisation also wants EU countries not impose quarantine on travellers who submit the DGC. Earlier parliament announced that EU countries can decide for themselves whether they impose additional restrictions on travellers.

Provisional end date

Finally, the European Parliament proposes an end date for the digital green certificate and all restrictive measures. June 2022 is the suggested timeline for these measures to expire. If there is reason to extend the measures at that time, it will be decided then. For the time being, the intention is to introduce the digital green certificate at the end of June.

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