New covid restrictions on Gran Canaria and Tenerife

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Gran Canaria and tenerife - covid alert level 3

As of midnight Saturday, Gran Canaria and Tenerife moved to Level 3 alert. New covid restrictions include capacity reduction for sports and religious ceremonies, and medical appointment reductions.

As the incidence rate climbed on both the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the alert level was raised to 3.  There are more covid restrictions, but this does not mean lockdown.

The Minister of Health for the Canary Islands, Blas Trujillo, said in an interview with Cope Canarias radio: “I appeal to social conscience to exercise caution and to follow all restrictions. It is very important that all of the population that is able to be, is vaccinated.  And that people continue to use masks, hand gels, and maintain social distancing. If this cannot be upheld, we will have no choice but to take more restrictive measures in the Canary Islands to stop contagion”.

Further covid restrictions are now in play. A brief summary of these can be found below.

Size of groups

The maximum size of people allowed to gather indoors, both in public and at home (unless you are already cohabitants) is 6.

Bars, restaurants, discos, cocktail bars and karaoke bars

Closing time is 02:00. If the establishment has a Covid certificate, it can remain open until 03:00.

Capacity is 50% outdoors, 33% indoors. If the establishment has a Covid certificate, it can extend capacities to 75% and 50% respectively.

Maximum 6 people in a group or at a table. However, this number can be expanded to 8 under certain circumstances.

Public shows, entertainment, and sports

Recommend be postponed

Fiestas, festivals, and other popular events

May not be held unless expressly authorised.

Religious spaces, places of worship

Capacity: 50% outdoors; 33% indoors. No more than 5 allowed at cremations.

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Open-air swimming pools, spas and hydromassage cannot exceed 33% of the authorised capacity.

Indoor swimming pools may only open for users for therapeutic purposes and improvement of health with a maximum of 33% of its capacity.

Indoor Spas and Saunas – Closed

Beaches – 50% capacity

Non-federated sports can be practised at 50% capacity outside, 33% inside. No more than 6 participants, including monitor or referee (except cohabitants).

Federated sports practice, regional or insular, outdoors or in enclosed spaces and non-federated sports practice outdoors is allowed. Interpersonal distance of 2 metres is maintained whenever possible, with mandatory use of masks.

Hospital and clinical centres

Visits are suspended except for minors, pregnant women, accompaniment of terminal patients and when at the discretion of the facultative is deemed necessary.

Travelling between islands

Existing restrictions the same at all Alert Levels.

Business conferences and meetings

Can only be held online


InSpain.News is not liable for any incorrect information shown above. Please consult the regional government’s website for more information. Above all, please stay safe.

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